Patricia Satterlee grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. She attended classes at the Carnegie Art Institute before entering Carnegie Mellon University. After two years, she transferred to California and received a BFA from UC Santa Cruz. After graduating, she moved to Washington, DC where she received an MFA from American Univeristy in 1993 and taught at area schools and colleges. She relocated to New York in 1999 with a studio first in Williamsburg, then in Bushwick for fifteen years, and now in Long Island City. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and has been reviewed in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Hyperalleric, and many other publications.

Her work explores the balance between abstraction and representation, symmetry and irregularity. Her paintings are highly layered compositions, with each layer weaving together observation of physical objects and a sense of the energy within and around the objects. The Flashe paint she uses produces a flat matte surface where colors collide between fluidity and solidness. In her drawings and collages, Satterlee focuses more on the tension within the boundaries surrounding physicality and energy fields.

She has shown at Gold Montclair, Frosch & Co, Valentine Gallery, M55 Gallery, Norte Maar, and The Kitchen in New York; the Matewaan Gallery in Beacon, NY; the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Washington Project for the Arts (WPA) in Washington, DC; and Salon Zucher in Paris.